Education Ministry announces first grade students’ registration dates

Manama, Dr. Mohammed Mubarak Juma, Minister of Education, has announced that the Ministry has rescheduled the registration dates of new students.

The move will allow more time for the Education Ministry and parents to register their children earlier, he said.

He pointed out that unlike previous years, when first grade students used to be registered in the summer holidays or shortly before it, the new dates will enable the Ministry to determine the right number of first grade students, and therefore prepare well for the school year.

The new dates will also give parents enough time to register their children, he added.

Dr. Juma unveiled that registration of first grade students for the 2024-2025 academic year will be open from October 30 to November 16, adding that other dates will be announced for those who fail to register during the first period.

Children born between January and December 2018 will have to report to Ministry’s Hall in Isa Town from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm, as follows:

– Monday, October 30: Children born in January 2018.

– Tuesday, October 31: Children born in February 2018.

– Wednesday, November 1: Children born in March 2018.

– Thursday, November 2: Children born in April 2018.

– Sunday, November 5: Children born in May 2018.

– Monday, November 6: Children born in June 2018.

– Tuesday, November 7: Children born in July 2018.

– Wednesday, November 8: Children born in August 2018.

– Thursday, November 9: Children born in September 2018.

– Sunday, November 12: Children born in October 2018.

– Monday, November 13: Children born in November 2018.

– Tuesday, November 14: Children born in December 2018.

– Wednesday and Thursday, November 15 and 16: Children who missed their previous registration dates.

Parents are required to fill in the e-form on the Education Ministry’s website.

To complete the registration process, children must be accompanied by their parents or guardians, who should present the following documents:

-Children’s original birth certificates.

-Valid ID smart cards of children and their parents.

-Valid passports of children and their parents.

The Ministry of Education urged parents to comply with the prescribed dates and times for the registration of their children.

Source: Bahrain News Agency