Director General of Traffic: The Traffic Week is an annual event to push for further development with the support and patronage of the Minister of Interior

Brigadier Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Abdul Wahhab Al Khalifa, Director General of the General Traffic Department, confirmed that the Traffic Week 2021 comes in global health conditions that have created challenges for many areas, but it was an additional incentive for the General Traffic Department to exert more efforts thanks to the support of The team sponsored His Excellency Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, Minister of Interior, where the administration was able to achieve positive results at the level of services and develop them electronically, and to increase public awareness through media campaigns and initiatives, in addition to reducing the rates of traffic accidents, especially minor traffic accidents, and a significant reduction in some violations as a result of awareness The public and its cooperation with the General Traffic Department and achieving a true partnership, as the driver is an essential element in road safety.


He pointed out that the administration was keen to launch a wide media campaign during the Traffic Week, in continuation of what has been provided for more than 30 years in traffic weeks, and that every year it carries a different character and a specific topic, but traffic challenges are changing with technological development and economic and population growth.


He said that the provision of services continued without interruption in light of the efforts made by all of the administration’s employees, including officers, individuals and civilians, whether in the General Traffic Department building or external centers spread in all governorates and the offices of direct traffic accidents, with the intensification of campaigns about electronic services whose use increased by 43% within Two million transactions completed by the department in 2020, to increase reliance on the auditors who prefer to complete their transactions easily and conveniently through smart devices and various electronic platforms.


The Director General of the General Traffic Department expressed his appreciation to all committed drivers, as the administration considers them an example for the rest of the drivers and an essential element on the road to raise safety rates, and the partnership that the General Traffic Department achieved with the relevant government agencies and the private sector had a great impact in pushing towards development.


Source: Bahrain News Agency

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