Control natural lighting with ease- Somfy’s Telis Modulis RTS

Oct. 04, 2012 /PRNewswire –

Somfy is dedicated to offering 21st century solutions that improve people’s lifestyles. Telis Modulis RTS from Somfy puts you in total control of the natural lighting in your home, office or retail space. It empowers you with precise control of venetian blinds and rolling shutters. Controlling lighting has never been easier.

Somfy’s Telis Modulis RTS has a scrolling central thumbwheel which enables you to adjust the quantity of natural light entering through the sun shadings slats of your venetian blinds and rolling shutters. This gives you the option of having more natural lighting with less or no artificial lighting, or of having less natural lighting with more artificial lighting. The choice is yours. It is also a practical way of protecting your furniture from sun damage or minimizing the sun’s glare on computer and TV screens without casting your interior space into total darkness.

About Somfy:

Somfy is an established name in quality motors and automated systems for the home. Somfy is also synonymous with reliability and high safety standards. From electric roller shutters to retractable awnings, external Venetian blinds, roller blinds and curtains, gates, garage doors and projector screens, Somfy provides products that improve your lifestyle and make your “home sweet home” even sweeter.

Contact Somfy:


Somfy Middle East & Africa Regional Office:
Beirut, Lebanon
TEL: 961-1-427 888

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