Christian Islam: The occupation escalates its war on Palestinian education in Jerusalem

The Islamic Christian Organization for the Support of Jerusalem and the Holy Sanctities condemned the new escalation campaign launched by the municipality and the occupation police against Palestinian schools in the city of Jerusalem and the violations to which the students of these schools are exposed.

The authority said in a statement on Tuesday that hundreds of Jerusalemite students are still out of school due to their parents’ rejection of the Israeli curriculum and their insistence on teaching their children the Palestinian curriculum.

The authority added that the occupation municipality began adopting aggressive and immoral measures against schools that adopt the Palestinian curriculum, reaching the point of giving students the choice of either accepting the Israeli curriculum or confiscating their right to education and expelling them from school.

The authority said that the occupation police are still continuing their violations against Jerusalem schools and their students, as yesterday they launched a new campaign targeting a number of schools that teach the Palestinian curriculum and confiscated a number of books, while the occupation police are still stalking students as they leave schools, searching their bags and confiscating books. Palestinian.

The Commission called on international organizations, especially UNESCO, to intervene to stop these crimes, which constitute a violation of the rules of international law, which obligates the occupying authority not to interfere in the educational affairs of the occupied territory

Source: Maan News Agency

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