Assistant Undersecretary for Evaluation Affairs to QNA: Preparations Completed, 13497 Students Will Take General Secondary Exams -1-

In his interview with QNA, Assistant Undersecretary for evaluation affairs at the MOEHE Khalid Abdullah Al Harqan pointed out that the ministry represented in the evaluation sector has completed all the procedures and preparations related to the smooth running and performance of exams at a time when schools and relevant committees have intensified remedial, support, and revision programs for students to tackle deficiencies for those who need them, calling on those who have weakness in any subject to contact their schools to receive support and revision.

He indicated that students could also benefit from the modal questions available on the ministrys services website and portal to learn about the type and pattern of the test questions, stressing that the ministrys goal in all these efforts is to support students and spare them any surprise regarding the tests' shape and design.

The Assistant Undersecretary for evaluation affairs at the MOEHE said that the general secondary certificate in its various branches would meet the levels of all students, stressing that the exam questions are balanced and will meet various students' levels. It was also taken into account that the exams start at eight oclock in the morning, which allows the students to reach the examination rooms comfortably and perform their test smoothly and easily, without worrying about delays for any reason, including traffic and congestion, for example.

Al Harqan reassured everyone, parents and students, that the ministry is keen on ensuring that every student gets their full right. There are specialized committees for reviewing and auditing, ensuring correctness and safety of correction, monitoring and estimating grades, and ensuring the safety of procedures for all these stages until the results are announced, within the examination controls so that each student takes their full right.

On whether the exam controls include instructions on how to deal with exceptional cases, such as illness, for example, the Assistant Undersecretary for evaluation affairs at the MOEHE indicated that there are special committees in schools to deal with such cases according to the circumstances of each case.

In his response to a question regarding the exam regulations for special needs students, Khalid Abdullah Al Harqan said that the MOEHE has two categories that had been classified into three levels. The first and second levels include those who need support and assistance during exams, such as forming a special committee for a student with special needs and increasing the exam time for them beyond what is usual and scheduled. The third-level students in this category represent the most severe case and are given tests that suit their abilities and are different from the high school exams. He noted that those students are already classified and their cases were studied by the competent authorities in the ministry and they were classified according to any of the three levels aforementioned.

He indicated that among the students with special needs is the blind category and that they perform the same exams for the general secondary certificate, provided that there is a person next to them who reads the questions to them so that the student can answer them. He indicated that all this means the ministrys keenness that students of all segments obtain their full rights in a way that suits the circumstances and capabilities of each of them with impartiality and transparency.

Concluding his remarks to QNA, the Assistant Undersecretary for evaluation affairs at the MOEHE reaffirmed that the ministry is fully prepared to start the general secondary exams on Sunday and that students should double their efforts and stay away from anything that distracts them from studying for their exams, so that they may achieve success and excellence.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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