AED18 million in humanitarian projects in Chad.

The delegation from the Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation is continuing its tour of African countries, to explore the needs of their citizens in terms of sustainability, charity and education, as well as to establish related projects, as part of the foundation's Year of Zayed celebrations.

The delegation, which is currently visiting Chad, is led by Hamad Salem bin Kardous Al Ameri, Director-General of the Foundation, who stated that the cost of their ongoing projects in Chad has reached AED18 million, including the Sheikh Zayed Colleges Complex, the theatre, laboratory and library of Adam Baraka University, and the digging of drinking water wells around the country, including in Eastern Chad, which houses many refugees from Darfur.

Several new projects will be launched to serve the people of Chad, including the construction of a mosque for 300 people and the digging of 20 wells, as well as a donation of AED100,000 to buy 1,550 food parcels and the dispatching of a group of pilgrims to perform their pilgrimage, as part of the Zayed Pilgrimage Programme.

Al Ameri and Mohammed Ali Mesbeh, UAE Ambassador to Chad, discussed many proposed projects that will be launched in various regions of Chad, which will be researched and implemented by charity associations and foundations in the country.

The projects include the construction of nine cultural, sports and professional training centres, ten orphanages, and five schools that specialise in teaching the Arabic language, as well as providing 20 schools with classes that teach the Arabic language with space is 35-square metres per class, at a cost of AED88,500 each.

The projects also include the construction of 22 mosques with a capacity of 300 people, and 30 small mosques with a capacity of 120, as well as other projects that target women and the youth, such as the construction of five women's support centres that include sewing centres, establishing eight health centres and building 30 football fields with an area of 40-square metres, at a cost of AED35,000 each.

The planned projects also include the digging of 160 wells with manual pumps to provide safe drinking water, at a cost of AED10,000 each, and 200 wells with solar-powered pumps and a water tank costing AED52,000, as well as the distribution of food parcels to 500,000 families.


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